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Commercial Gallery

Peacehaven Site


A strip, map and sample archaeological excavation was undertaken in March 2017 in advance of the construction of 21 new 3 bedroom and 2 new 5 bedroom dwellings. 


In total three areas were opened, amounting to an approximate area of 2000m2. Evidence of three phases of human activity, from the Mesolithic, the Neolithic and the Roman periods were recorded. Archaeological features excavated included a small number of Mesolithic pits, 21 pits dated to the Early Neolithic and a small Roman enclosure and pottery kiln.


The discovery of both Mesolithic and Early Neolithic pits is of significance and finds recovered from them, including flintwork, pottery and ecofacts give an important insight into activity being carried on, or close to the Site.


A Roman pottery clamp kiln, used to produce East Sussex Ware is also of importance, being one of only a few examples discovered in Sussex. Also recorded were a series of colluvial deposits across the Site and a buried prehistoric soil, which further add to the narrative and development of human activity in Peacehaven.

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