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Long Man of Wilmington


Living within sight of the Long Man has meant that Chris Butler has been keen to try and answer some of the questions about the Long Man’s age and purpose.

An opportunity to get involved in investigations into the Long Man occurred in 2002 when he collaborated with Professor Martin Bell and Aubrey Manning of the Open University to excavate a trench at the foot of the Long Man for a programme in Aubrey’s BBC2 Landscape Mysteries series investigating chalk hill figures.

Following on from this we carried out further excavations and survey work on the Long Man figure in 2004, once again in conjunction with Professor Martin Bell and a team from Reading University, together with local volunteers

The CBAS interim report of that work was published in a Sussex Past Newsletter, and a final report is forthcoming in Sussex Archaeological Collections.

The Long Man of Wilmington is owned by Sussex Archaeological Society. 
Long Man (location)

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