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Geophysical Survey

The use of Geophysical surveys allows us to see below the ground surface to see if there is any potential for archaeology being present without the need to excavate. It has the benefit of being able to cover large areas, and can provide an insight to what may be encountered during an excavation or development.


It is rarely used as a stand-alone technique, as the results can be inconclusive, and is often used in conjunction with evaluation trenches where it can provide helpful information to guide where trenches are best placed.

There are a number of geophysical techniques available, and CBAS can undertake both resistivity and magnetometry surveys. We also have access to ground penetrating radar surveys using a specialist local service.


The actual survey to be used will depend upon a number of factors, such as the ground conditions and underlying geology, and the type of archaeological remains that may be present. Any size of survey can be undertaken. We can also process existing survey data, whether it is in digital or hard-copy format, and can integrate geophysical survey results with other landscape surveys and desk-based data.

For more information on our Geophysical Services please do not hesitate to contact us.

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