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Military Archaeology

Chris Butler has a long standing interest in Military History. He has been able to combine this with his archaeological expertise and personal military experience through service in the Territorial Army, to undertake detailed studies of military sites and landscapes.

Chris has conducted major surveys of surviving Post Medieval defence sites in East and West Sussex and produced two books which detailed the results of these surveys, both of which can be found for purchase on our publications page.


CBAS specialists have experience in excavating military archaeology. We have undertaken fieldwork surveys for the D-Day Museum to identify the Headquarters camps used by Eisenhower and Montgomery leading up to D-Day, as well as excavating defence sites across East Sussex.

Of note, during this work we have excavated a late 18th century field kitchen, and a First World War trench System in Ashdown Forest. We have also recorded many military structures that have been threatened with demolition.

CBAS is available for survey and excavation work in defence landscapes and recording work. Our archaeologists also have experience working and liaising with Explosive Ordnance specialists where there is a residual threat from unexploded ordnance.

If you require further information on any of these services please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cuckmere Haven Type 25 & MG emplacement
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