• Chris Butler

Kelsey House, Orpington, Kent.

CBAS have recently undertaken archaeological investigations at Kelsey House, in Orpington, Kent during the redevelopment of the site. The work showed that in the late 19th or early 20th century deposits containing large quantities of pottery, glass and other discarded material had been placed there to level up the ground before its development in the early 20 th century. These later deposits were laid down over a layer of chalk, which was presumably imported to level up and seal the underlying wet ground. Below the chalk was sealed a damp peaty/friable loam which may represent an in-situ remnant soil, predating the later 19th century. No in-situ dating material was located from this context or the underlying gravel and alluvium, however two pottery sherds of Late Iron Age or Roman date were recovered from these lower layers.

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